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Hi Linnea56, thanks for asking! I have not started on a new stimulant. I stopped Adderall XR about a month ago because I started having some really disturbing symptoms: headaches, crazy mood swings, bad emotions, and strange OCDs that I hyperfocused on at the expense of productive things. I took one capsule once a day, just as prescribed. I’ve never experienced that before and it really scared me. Once the weird symptoms started it was a slow decrease in dysfunction and I did not feel or behave like myself at all!

Since being off the meds my headaches have gone away, I feel happier and mentally clearer, I’ve gotten my creativity back (which is a relief since I’m an artist), I’ve gained some colour back in my face, and the horrible acne the meds caused has cleared. I don’t think Adderall was for me! It worked great initially but made me quite ill in the long run. I hope there will be no long-term effects, and I’m not sure at this point if it’s worth trying another stimulant.

So now I’m trying to adjust to life without meds. I am in university with a full courseload plus working so it would be too much to adjust to anything new right now, and I’m a bit scared to try anything else after this experience honestly. I’m trying to embrace my ADD and look at the postivies but I might look into natural approaches to help manage my lack of motivation to do boring tasks. I know natural stuff is kind of hokey but I’m concerned after the way the Adderall made me feel. If I still feel like I need it, I will talk with my doctor about different medication.