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I hate everything about it. I hate cleaning and handling because I have to multitask and force myself to focus which is exhausting because the job is dull but very demanding. Then there’s the fact that, even though I’m on my fourth day working as a cashier, I’m getting hounded on by my supervisor for making mistakes and I’ve told her I have ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder, so that should register in people’s heads that I’d have a tendency to forget things and need a few repeats for me to fully remember tiny details that everyone should know. She tells me “it’s not that hard” and that if I make a few more mistakes then I might have to be taken off working on the registers for good.

The most aggravating thing about it is the multitasking and the customers. Especially when they’re self-entitled and or idiotic but like to talk down on you as if they know how to do your job. Another thing I hate about the customers is when they mumble to themselves or overcomplicate their order by explaining the details of what comes with the order (that comes with me f****** up because of my Auditory Processing Disorder)or they are all over the place with their order because they don’t know what they want (I can handle that as long as they are understanding that they are f****** confusing and that I’m not a robot). I can list a plethora of examples of customers that almost make me lose my temper, which is another problem I’m starting to have because I’m frustrated as hell and I’m tired of not being good at anything, while being talked down to at the same time.

I was also never told that I should memorize the menu, and I didn’t know I would have to because no one tells me squat when it comes to important details. You literally either sink or swim in this godawful job, which is the worst thing for someone like me. The people who manage it are horrible with communication and tend to be unprofessional at times too. I was even told “We treat everyone in our profession the same regardless of their issues.” I understand not giving into someone who uses their disorders as an excuse all the time but accommodations would help the place run more smoothly, and it’s not like I can zap a wand and my brain is magically turned to normal.

There’s also the fact that I haven’t done basic algebra with money for about 4 to 5 years, so I forgot some of the basics of “trading in a dollar in exchange for change when a customer gives me extra change.” This also makes me feel extremely dumb because I was actually really good at math in school but haven’t used it for a really long time, and now that has put a toll on my self-esteem even more.