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David H

Waw! You folks look just like me. I fear Weekends and Holydays because of just that: large islands of time + too much options + pressure from kids and wife and relative to use all this beautiful imagination of mine to create the most entertaining holyday….

Most of the time the result is: I can watch Netflix for 3 days in a Row doing just nothing…

Feeling like crap ….

When I realise that (most of the time I dont)… I use tricks… it’s all about tricks isn’t it… the whole idea of this sharing is just that….

My first Trick is (found it nowhere on earth.. like am an Alien or something)… Drink 2 large glass of water and wait 5 minutes…. it melts something in my mind.. just like relaxing a part of my brain that is stuck in a open loop…

Second Trick ( in french : les 5 P . Le Plus Petit Premier Pas Possible…) I could translate it into: the smallest first step possible… It really is the idea of putting yourself into action doing something active. Doesn’t matter if it’s priority #99. At least I will be done and once done your focuss will automatically go to another thing between 98 and 1..

The 2 glass of water are magic for me. Sometimes I wonder if my medecine truelly works or is it the water I took it with (Abilify 1 mg and Concerta 27 mg)