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First, your son is very lucky that you care and are taking the time to try and find the best ways to help him as best as you can. Kudos to you, mom!

I agree with everyone who has said to talk to your son. Also, sometimes we just need a medication break. For me, after 5-6 months on even the most effective adhd medication, I tend to need a month or two off. I start to not quite feel like me. That was especially true when I started meds and was in the throes of puberty, so keep that in mind in coming years!

Maybe he needs a different med or maybe he needs a break for a month or two. If he does take a break, make sure he understands that he then needs to support his brain in other ways like playing outside, doing creative things, limited sugar/artificial anything, taking vitamins, etc.

Our symptoms ebb and flow throughout our lives so you will do your son a great service in helping him learn many different ways of managing them when they are being problematic (they aren’t always a negative!) — whether that’s time is now or when he is older and perhaps more equipped to self-manage. Good luck to you and him in finding the best solution for today 🙂