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Oh how I relate to this topic in so many ways…so, considering I’m in no position to speak on success in this matter – recently have had some positive progress in the following concept:

Something about “Time” that seems to get me, if you relate you’ll know what that means. So really the fear in my case is a false sense of running out of time, or more importantly, performing a task that has no “purpose” or end-game.

In other words, for example – I find it impossible to break down boxes and throw them in the dumpster when ordering from Amazon. I let them pile up to a point of extreme embarrassment honestly. However – give me a couple of hours with an iPad and I can discover a link in comparative religious thought. Catch my drift?

So despite how silly it feels, anytime I walk out my door will try to take at least a couple boxes with me. It’s crazy this is even a struggle but the point is, it’s getting done. Maybe, instead of the prioritizing using a model (which is mind-blowingingly awesome by the way); why not treat each one equally until it’s done?

Food for thought – lol

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