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I’m 42 and a few years into medication. I take Adderall. I went through my doctor (until recently) and nearly stopped taking the medication because of the stigma surrounding stimulants and being treated as if I was “drug seeking”. The only reason I have continued is that my wife sees the difference and is very supportive. I’ve discovered that dosage and how I take medication is very critical. If I could afford XR (extended release) I would use it. I’ve discovered (over the years) that when the medication wears off I can have problems of ADHD plus irritability (slight withdrawal). Now I spread my dose throughout the day by taking my meds when I wake up, at lunch, and around 3PM. If I don’t go to sleep before my meds wear off I have a hard time sleeping (I always have…). It’s always strange to me that an amphetamine makes me sleepy and calm. Also, I’ve found that much of my symptoms are resolved when I limit my refined sugar intake. As I type this I’m supposed to be getting ready for work (typical ADHD priorities imbalance). Better take my morning med. What I wanted to say is that be patient with figuring out dosage and usage. I only recently started to work with a counselor and it’s been FANTASTIC. Three years in, I’m still trying to figure out the best way to maintain the right dosage (currently 10mg at 7am, 20mg at noon, and 10mg at 3pm) Good luck and Congratulations!