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No one, ADD or not, can really manage to run a household & family on their own while having to work full-time. Capitalism, together with Patriarchy was, and still is, based on relying on unpaid domestic work from slavery and from women.

That’s why the media and gender socialization has been trying to convince women that we enjoy and are good at domestic and reproductive work. Cleaning the house, cooking, taking care of the children.

That is why pay gap exists, to discourage women from pursuing careers. That is why the toys, the clothes, religions, schools and mainstream culture do everything to make women believe that we cannot be scientists, businesswomen, engineers, or pursue any career that is not related to caring of other people (which mostly mean: doing a lot of unpaid work for the “people supposed to be working ‘real careers’ – men!”).

That is also why capitalism, through mass media, magazines, tv and all the industries want women to spend so much time and money and energy in being feminine, hating their bodies, pursuing unnatainable beauty standards.

Also, the stereotype of the “super-hero moms”, with all their struggles to keep up with everything altogether, is romanticized, so that us, women, are lead to believe that it is normal and desirable to do everything themselves, for the children, the house and the whole family.

Feminism got women the right to enter the labor market, and what that means in practice is: adding one extra list to all the things women were already doing and being expected to do. So, basically, before, women were not allowed to work, therefore, what was assigned to women, is that we would take care of the house, children and family. Now women are still expected from society to do all of this, PLUS working for organizations. And, as women are working for organizations, single men are left now realizing all the time and energy it takes to care for the household, as they will have to do it themselves. Quite often, what they will do is: they will hire people to do all this work for them. Clean their house, cook for them, take care of the children, etc. But of course, whithout willing to pay fair wages, as the domestic and reproductive work is intentionally undervalued in capitalism.