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You are right, it is creepy! As well as corrupt, unethical and in the light of day illegal. I realize this is an open post on a site that gets advertising revenue from certain drugs makers that I’ve criticized. So, with that in mind I’ll share SOME general insight on this problem as I have come to know it over the years.

First of all, I’m sure we’re all aware of the stigma that’s attached to taking prescribed stimulants. Sad fact is, even some in the medical field are against stimulants, while others have ignorantly compare prescribed stimulants to meth. Ridiculous! Unfortunately, I’ve learned from some ethical doctors who treated me, and a few other credible sources that this illicit cocktailing of prescribed stimulants is no accident. It’s actually a “program” for lack of a better word, that was originally (back in the late 80s and 90s) touted as a patient abuse deterrent, and more importantly to stakeholders, an oversight protection for the pharma stimulant makers, and doctors to help shield them from lawsuits. I believe the original concept wasn’t designed to be nefarious, but as the clich√© goes, so much for good intentions; money talks!

As you may recall in the latter 90s ADHD became more diagnosed and stimulant prescriptions became more prevalent. So, the media started reporting that development, along with the skyrocketing college abuse of simulants too. Which made the oversight become more of a political lightning rod issue. Once that happened the MONEY “influencers”, such as pharma lobbyists, and other special interest types who’s agenda had nothing to do with good ADHD treatment practices came pouring in. But the real turning point that led to tainted simulants, and the abuse of a patient’s right of informed consent for stimulant medications wasn’t implemented until 9/11.

As we know 9/11 and the subsequent Patriot Act changed the rules on a lot of our civil liberties, and on how communities can “police” themselves. During that period, some so-called “officials” used the opportunity to include a category of people taking prescribed stimulants as a possible threat to National Security because as they stated stimulants can cause insanity… Nevermind that insanity due to prescribed stimulant use is so rare, that NIMH and SAMSA ranks it as extremely rare side effect after dry mouth! But the bottom line is this quasi-legal system is now rife with blatant abuse. People like us with ADHD can essentially be turfed without good cause from getting real pure simulants to treat their ADHD for virtually ANY reason.

I don’t mean to sound sinister, and I’m not a conspiracy theorist. But what I can confidently, and verifiably say is the system is seriously broken and corrupt. The only chance I see for things to change is if we speak up and collectively work together. Because my biggest concern is if we allow our stimulants to be tainted with undisclosed other active ingredients, then whose to say that other drugs won’t get tainted too. As a parent I sure as hell wouldn’t want my daughter to go through any of this medication fraud. If you aren’t informed about what is in your medicine it could seriously harm you or worse. That’s all I got. I wish you all well.