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That’s so cool that you are embracing your ADHD the way you are.

Unfortunately, Ritalin doesn’t get rid of the ADHD, it simply helps you calm down so you can treat the symptoms of ADHD. Most ADHD can be considered a learning disability,our cognition is out the window. You may even find out depression and anxiety will need to be treated with a different medication. CBT is the best for dealing with ADHD in my opinion, if you can afford a good counselor or coach that specializes in ADHD. Most of my problem at any one time is the shame I feel after a lifetime of mishaps,

Don’t get me wrong I love my amphetamines it helps calm down the racing mind which in turn helps me focus better.I am also on bi-polar meds which also helps slow the mind down so I can focus and sleep better. Impulsive behavior is a learned behavior. While your mind is slowed down you can learn what got you impulsive in the first place.

Anyway, I don’t want to rain on your parade, life gets a lot better after embracing the ADHD diagnosis. I just want to plant some seeds as it may save you time, as you treat these ADHD symptoms.

Have fun