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I found a job that I love, people realized quickly that I’m not there standard of normal, I have been getting in trouble because I physically cannot remember things and my mind is jumping. I decided to tell my boss I had adhd 3 months ago, but have been in trouble again since, she is saying I can’t use adhd as an excuse. But I can’t help the way my mind is wired and I’m thinking about quitting.

Helen, at some point you were obviously qualified for the job..did they
make a change that required you to remember additional tasks?

Short story: Back when I was 19 (41 years ago) I was living in a small town in
Oregon, and desperately needed a job. I was offered a job cutting fire trail
up in the mountains..paid good, so I took it.

Long story short, by lunchtime my lower back muscles were completely locked up,
and I had to tell the foreman that I was finished. I was simply not physically
capable of standing on that hillside and swinging that pick axe all day long.
I loved the fresh mountain air, and would have enjoyed the work, but the body
said “Nope”.

Problem was, I was completely out of shape. Had I had time to prepare for the
job, I would have been doing high-altitude conditioning and exercises to strengthen
my back.

I’m wondering if there might be some exercises you could do to strengthen your
retention? Are these tasks that were discussed in a meeting, where you could
take notes?

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