Reply To: Battle for getting proper treatment


Scotjk, I sympathize and empathize with your struggle! I’m in my 50s too, and was officially diagnosed with ADD by a psychiatrist in 1992, as I’ve had ADD/ADHD all my life. Genuine stimulant meds were a godsend and changed my life in so many positive ways. But after moving up here to Michigan in 2006, I started getting badly tainted Adderall XR. So I stopped seeking treatment for a few years and it sucked. I’ve made as many “natural” changes to my lifestyle as humanly possible but I finally went back to a psychiatrist this year and got reestablished with treatment. He prescribed Vyvance and the first couple months the pro drug Lisdexafetamine Dimesylate seemed to work pretty well. But once AGAIN the last few months I’ve received more tainted crap! How do I know it’s tainted? Well without going to deep in this post, I’ll say I’ve had urinalysis tests which showed on several occasions positives for other drugs, such as anti-depressants and anti-psychotics, and other drugs too. These drugs are not listed as active ingredients in Vyvance or Adderall, and I’ve never been informed by my doctor or pharmacist that I was being given them! This is highly unethical and in the light of day would probably seen as totally illegal. But here’s the kicker, the nurse at my current doctor’s (psychiatrist) office has been telling me recently that “ALL the stimulants are tainted” Yep, I’m not sure if she said that out of sheer ignorance or profound stupidity. But that’s what I’m being told now.

Having said that, I truly understand how difficult it is to lodge complaints about stimulants, because of the stigma. Even today so many medical professionals are ignorant about ADHD and stimulants. The fact is I know what pure stims do and how they work, as well as what the typical side-effects can be. I also know these tainted stims don’t help my ADD symptoms, they actually exacerbate them. If they helped I wouldn’t bitch!

If I can offer any advice, I’d say at least find a psychologist and psychiatrist who specialize in adult ADD. At least then you have a fighting chance to be heard and understood. My psychologist and psychiatrist understand my dilemma, and advocate for me as much as they can. But the problem clearly stems from a corrupt supply chain in the pharmacy system. It’s always about money first and good quality healthcare run a distant second. Or so it seems.