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I’m well aware Suz4nn3 of the flow of the conversation by the dates next to each post…I just noticed that a few like yourself had recently posted. In fact, your initial post on September 30 “OMG I’m so glad to have found this post” sounded somewhat “rousing”, and I was glad you joined in! I too get distracted by other things in life, ALL the time! I also agree however, that we need to combine our voices on this tainted (undisclosed active ingredients) medicine fraud. I apologize for my lengthy posts. I get exited and tend to over share at times. It’s just that I have a long ADD (stimulant) treatment history, since 1992, so I know from where I speak about the tainted stimulant meds. I had no problems or complaints with my ADD treatment until I moved to Michigan in 2006 and received my FIRST prescription of tainted stimulant (Adderall XR)and now Vyvance too. So, the poor ADD-meds supply hasn’t been a perennial problem for most of my treatment history. But today the supply chain is corrupt, and that’s wrong on so many levels! BTW, can you please tell me where you live? I’d like to have an idea where the problems are at. I’m crossing my fingers that your next batch is better for you!