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Miss Caraway

Hank, I a 62 and was diagnosed 6 months ago. Twenty minutes after my first dose of meds my brain was quiet for the first time ever. It was emotionally overwhelming that first time and I’m thankful I had the day to myself. I’ve joked with my physician that I need counseling to identify and abandon unconscious coping skills. I have recognized that I am grieving for what wasn’t in my life and slowly understanding the positives of my adhd. I could always hyper focus on self learning and problem solving on things that interested me but don’t ask if my house clean and orderly or my taxes are done. I am lucky to have an understanding husband who never knew what he was coming home to and has been financially supportive. I spent years on and off antidepressants with little effect. It was sure hard to go through life being unable to manage the mundane parts of life that others seemed to find almost effortless.