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Hi MrsH,

So glad you can relate! Large blocks of time are the worst (in a way) indeed, because it feels like we should get so much done there, but can spend most of it deciding and going back and forth!
(It’s ADD, Everything Feels Important, haha)

But I also do thing sometimes that my brain is indeed messing with me, making other stuff feel like the most important thing ever right now, just to deter me from doing something hard 😛

Like you, I like to listen to audiobooks or podcasts when doing dishes or cleaning (JRE is a favourite). I’ve also used a pomodoro app for a long time. Nowadays I do something similar, where I just write down what I’m going to do and then do it, and write the next thing and so forth.

Do you believe that an app could be found or invented that would help us skip the dithering?

I’m contemplating making something.

What would it have to do?