Reply To: Bad Behavior in school


Hello Anni
Thank you so much for your response. I live in Ireland so I’m not sure if he is middle school but this is his 7th year to attend this school. I hope it’s ok to post here and try get support? I really appreciate all the info you have provided me and I look forward to reading it, I also would love if you could share this as I am so lost in what to do and my son is looking at losing a school placement. In Ireland our waiting lists are very long and we are waiting over 3 years for supports. He starts occupational therapy Friday and I privately paying for CBT starting next week. When my son does this in school I called and I have to go and remove him from school. His plan on school is 9am start he gets a movement break at 10am for 10 mins, lunch and 10.45am a sensory break at 12 in the classroom for 5 min lunch at 12.30 and a movement break again at 1.00 he finishes school at 2.45. He has being back in school around 3 weeks and most of this time he has had punishment of not being allowed play with his class on lunch breaks. Thank you again for all your help and support