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Wow! This strikes a chord. I’m 63. Just diagnosed last year. After a lifetime of wondering why I could not stop procrastinating. Only having a deadline helps me to focus. And I am self-employed, so it is almost impossible to enforce one. When I had kids at home, it helped. “Must finish this before they get home” is a deadline.

I am married to an efficient engineer who can’t figure out why I am the way I am. And has precious little sympathy for the disorganization. He equates it with mental illness. Thanks.

Tried Adderall right away but it was ineffective for me. Or to be more accurate, the racing heart rate I had cancelled out any focus I could achieve.

After almost a year of seeing 2 therapists for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and making very limited progress, I am starting a different class of medication tomorrow. I do not have prescription drug coverage, so I am limited in my options.

Wishing all of you success….I just found this forum today.