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Anni @ ADDitude

I’m so sorry to hear about the challenges you’ve been facing at work. It’s rare to find a job that you truly love, so I would recommend investigating all of your options before making the decision to leave.

First, do some research on your legal rights at work here:

Is ADHD a Disability? Your Legal Rights at Work

Your Workplace Rights with ADHD

Next, gather up some strategies to help you overcome some of the ADHD-related executive dysfunctions you mentioned:

Your Brain’s GPS Is Glitchy: Why Working Memory Fails and How to Bolster It

Your Executive Functions Are Weak. Here’s Why.

You might consider cognitive behavioral therapy to address some of these:

The Truth About Treating ADHD with Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

And it’s smart to know your full range of treatment options:

ADHD in Adults: Your Guide to Symptoms, Diagnosis and Treatment

I hope this helps and isn’t too overwhelming!
– Anni