Reply To: Minor carrying/administering their own Rx


Thank you Dr. Eric. That’s what I was looking for! My child is in a new school and the old school was fine with “carry it yourself but don’t tell us” whereas the new school is not.

I don’t see in 210.006 where it says anything about only being emergency rx. Is it written there, or is that just what is typically allowed? (I’m not a doctor or a lawyer!) She’s been carrying it for a month now and is doing fine with remembering, but the nurse has been asking questions now after a week long school trip where she was “legally” getting her meds at 4pm also.

I want to encourage independence, and this school is awesome so I’d rather her not get booted, but at the same time a school is about more than just academics and I’d like her to continue to be able to socialize normally and not be singled out.