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Hi Jessy,
Thanks for your input. I’m glad someone with your experience and expertise is part of our discussion! I’m currently finishing up my degree requirements in the science/medical field. I’ve been fortunate that certain areas in my studies have kept me in touch with research on psychotropic medications. Especially in regards to indicated use, contraindications, side-effects, and drug interactions. Having said that, I too have learned that generics don’t necessarily have to adhere to the exact same molecular structure and documentation. Even subtle changes in a formulation can sometimes disrupt the intended efficacy of a drug/med. The problem I’ve been confronted with however, is different and involves several layers of problematic pharma issues. I was diagnosed with ADD combined type in 1992, and over the years my treatment history reflects very positive results from the pure untainted stimulant medications from Ritalin, to Adderall to Vyvance. I say PURE because the problem I’m having is that I’ve discovered other powerful non-labelled psychotropic drugs like antidepressants and anti-psychotics, and god knows what else have been added/compounded in some of the “stimulant” meds I’ve been prescribed. I’ve never been diagnosed with ANY co-morbid disorder, so these other drugs aren’t (legitimately) medically warranted. The first incident involving drastic formulation changes in my Adderall XR began back in 2006. I noticed this immediately after taking the first dose of my new prescription of Adderall XR 30mg. I of course notified my doctor and he suggested that I may have got a bad batch. But when I went to another pharmacy with a new prescription it too was badly off from the usual therapeutic stimulant effect. Bottom line, I was eventually informed that certain doctors and officials at a Federal level believed it’s OK to taint a patient’s stimulants without informing them. I say BS! I have always been an excellent compliant patient, and have NEVER had an adverse effect or been accused by my doctors of misusing my stimulant meds. Anyway, – Due to the sudden, awful and unwarranted formulation changes in the Adderall XR 30mg I had to stop treatment altogether…And I stayed away from treatment for almost 8 years! Last year however, after noticing my ADD symptoms rearing their ugly head in my school work I had a long talk with my doctor. He decided to prescribe Vyvance and it initially worked pretty well for me. No side effects beyond the usual dry mouth, suppressed appetite and occasional insomnia. But after just a few months of good treatment with Vyvance I once again got a tainted batch! This time I even verified this by taking a urinalysis which showed positive for other drugs that are NOT listed as active ingredients and NOT supposed to be in Vyvance! MY doctor agrees that the problem is at the pharmacy level and he even suggested that I get an attorney. As you may know the active ingredient in Vyvance is a prodrug called lisdexamfetamine dimesylate. It’s designed to activate into L-amphetamine only after it combines with lysine in the digestive tract. But that is the ONLY active ingredient that supposed to be in the drug. Vyvance is only available in name brand, by Shire. A generic for Vyvance won’t be LEGALLY available until 2023. Frankly, I think a lot more people are getting tainted stimulants, but if they haven’t been in treatment very long then they likely don’t even know the difference between what’s pure and what’s tainted…I suspect this is especially true with children. They simply don’t know any better, but their parents must be deeply concerned and wondering why the “stimulant” medication isn’t working to relieve their kid’s ADHD symptoms like it used to…I’m sure there’s a lot of frustration and bewilderment to go around.

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