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OMG I’m so glad to have found this post.

I have been scrambling and researching and visiting various pharmacies looking for the generic I’d had for a couple of years. It wasn’t great but it didn’t give me a raging headache. Independent store found a diff gene ic. Not great but better. It’s insane that we can’t get what we need.

Is it bc of the neurological disorder we have? That People don’t believe it’s real? Or that they think we’re trying to get high? Or that there are enough people diagnosed to make it worthwhile to Big Pharma and the Insurance Industry? I’m in my 60s. I can move through my life better with quality medication. But I, too, am ready to give up and go without therapeutic meds. Which is just wrong.

If only we could combine our voices and power and effect change in the manufacture of useful ADHD help.