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Hummingbird I’m sorry about your casserole! in my house we sometimes do “Dinner is cancelled, forage for yourselves!” but my youngest is 13 so…

Are you seeing an endocrinologist for your thyroid issues? Often times regular primary care providers are playing cookbook medicine, they know just enough…but not quite.

I learned early to stick with endocrinology for that very reason. I also had a little bout with thyroid cancer and learned a bit how being radically hypothyroid felt for me. After I had my thyroid removed I had an iodine ablation which works best if your TSH is very high. I went off my thyroid med on 3 separate occasions for testing and the actual ablation. It made me feel slow, sleepy and sore, if I made any sudden movement my muscles would hurt from it. I wanted to do things but I couldn’t quite muster up the will to do them. It of course made my natural procrastination behaviors that much worse. I also had recombinant (artificial) TSH for a test, I felt fine initially, then after 45 minutes I felt like I’d been hit by a crosstown bus! If you ever have that, bring a driver!!

For frame of reference, I take 200 micrograms of synthroid a day. during my childbearing years I was on 250, that started when I was pregnant with my first, and continued until I was about 45. Some of the OBs around here give 25-50 micrograms to their pregnant pts if the TSH is high. The argument against it is that the thyroid won’t ramp up on it’s own then. The argument for it is fewer early miscarriages in these pts.