Reply To: Hygiene for Teens


My grandson is 23, and is really interested in having a girlfriend . I don’t have a problem with his hygiene, but when he eats he just crams the food in.We h had many discussions about this, but I still have to remind him constantly about his manners. I explain to him, that when he does have a date with a young lady and he eats like that it will be the only date. I know this is a rather common thing that males with ADHD seem to do. Now I understand that his Ritalin takes his appetite away, and when he wears off watch out!! He’s is so hungry, and will eat anything he finds regardless if it is leftovers a family member is saving. He is really putting on weight which is a concern. He has had a couple short term girlfriends, but he is very immature so in due time. Gma