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Hi, I read your complaints/concerns about the changed formulations in your Adderall, and I’m sorry to hear you’re having that problem…But I’m also relieved to hear that I’m not the ONLY one who is dealing with this problem too! A little about me; I’m an adult with ADD/ADHD. I was diagnosed back in the 90s. I’ve also been re-diagnosed over the years with only ADD/ADHD (combined type as they call it). Thankfully, I have no co-morbid diagnoses. Attention Deficit Disorder is enough to deal with lol.

When I was first diagnosed my doctor started me on low dose Ritalin, and it was a godsend! It worked very well at helping me focus, stay on task, feel better about myself, and function better. After a couple years the Ritalin side-effects of bad headaches began to outweigh the benefits, so my doctor put me on Dextrostat 5mg, which is basically immediate release Adderall, which worked well too without the distracting headaches. Eventually, I was prescribed once a day name brand Adderall XR 30mg, and that worked best for me all day! I took Adderall XR by Shire from about 1999 to 2004, But shortly after I moved to Michigan around 2004, I started getting name brand Adderall XR that was not the normal stimulant formulation. This Adderall XR was obviously tainted with other drugs, like antidepressants and god knows what else! It made me feel awful and certainly didn’t help treat my ADD! Of course I informed my doctor but she said that she couldn’t control what the pharmacies were selling.

I filed complaints with FDA Medwatch, and got no response. I complained to Shire and they just gave me the runaround. In fact, they even sent me ridiculous letter claiming their Adderall XR was 108% pure!!… Gee I wasn’t aware anything could ever be more than 100% pure. I tried going to different pharmacies but kept getting badly tainted Adderall XR. So, ultimately I felt I had to stop treatment. I went without treatment for several years and it was debilitating. I sought natural ways to help ease my ADD symptoms too. I started working out regularly, changed my diet and researched supplements, like tyrosine and other natural treatments. All of these lifestyle changes were healthy, and I became more fit, but none of it was better than prescribed stimulants at treating my ADD symptoms. I did however, seek to restart some stimulant med treatment with my doctor just last (2018) year. I’m finishing my degree, and college is tough enough for those who don’t have ADD, but this last year has given me fits with my ADD symptoms.

So, last year 2018, I had a long talk with our family doctor and he suggested I try a stimulant called Vyvance. Since going back to school in 2016, to finish my degree, my untreated ADD symptoms were making my ability to focus and concentrate on studies doubly difficult! My doctor prescribed low dose Vyvance, and initially it worked surprisingly well. Vyvance is a prodrug, amphetamine type product. It’s milder and doesn’t last as long as Adderall, yet it still helped me to focus and concentrate. But after a few months of this treatment, I started getting badly tainted Vyvance too!! Vyvance is a patented drug made by Shire. According to their own website there are no (legal) generics available until 2023. Given those facts, I’m still reasonably certain the Vyvance I’ve been recently getting is tainted. Because not only am I familiar with how pure (lisadexafetamine) Vyvance feels and works, I also took a urinalysis that showed other drugs were in the “Vyvance”. I shared this with the doctor, and he thinks I should get it tested and find a lawyer. That’s all well and good if I only had 10k to give a law firm as a retainer…So, again, I filed FDA complaints but to no avail, and even contacted some attorneys. My doctor agrees that there is a problem with what I’m getting at the pharmacy – but he isn’t sure what he can do about it either.

This illicit tainting of stimulants is a real problem. No doubt it’s highly unethical and probably illegal too! So far what I’ve found to be one of the most difficult challenges is getting anyone in authority to listen, and then do something to help! Unfortunately, those of us who complain too loudly about getting sub par (tainted) controlled schedule II “stimulants” also run the risk of giving some people the wrong impression. You know? All I can say is tainting of ANY medication is just inherently unsafe, and flat wrong! But until now I’ve had no contact with others like yourselves that I can even discuss this problem with…Hopefully we can share our insights and experiences and work together to help each other find a solution.
Sorry to go on, but there is much to say about this problem. Please don’t hesitate to respond. Thanks, jwilli

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