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Hi Hummingbird19, I understand you exactly! I had been on anti-anxiety medicine for a very long time (over 20 years). When I finally discovered it had addicting properties I insisted getting off it immediately. That was within the last few months, which I had to do a step-down to safely get rid of it. I knew for sometime that I had troubles concentrating, completing tasks, focusing, and controlling some of my behaviors after some major changes in my life, that I thought had been caused by extreme stress. But after I stop the Xanax things seemed to get more out of control. I had been alright in school, college, marriage, divorce, working, raising my two daughters, menopause, and seven grandchildren. I’m 69 and had also wondered if I was getting dementia? My question was, “am I going crazy?” I recently talked with my psychologist and was told I have an ADHD brain and was not crazy! And put me on a 45 minute task program, whether I had completed it or not. I was relieved and scared at the same time!! “What is ADHD?”, and “I thought it was something children had.” So, I began to do a lot of reading which led me to this site, and I’ve been reading as much as I can tolerate, for up to 3 times a week. I told my family but I don’t think they really understand. I also talked with one of my granddaughters who said she had some of the same problems, along with my youngest grandson’s stages of disruption. Yes, it’s usually inherited but I can’t get my daughter to get assistance for him. I will not be taking any medication for it because I’m sick and tired of meds after 40+ years for arthritis, debilitating fibromyalgia, and severe migraines. Nor do I want any of my children on meds. I’m learning as much as I can process so I can help my grandchildren and myself. GOD is my strength and protection, yes, He’s my all-in-all. Through Him I know I can do all things. Matthews 19:26 Be blessed.