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You must be my long lost twin! I am a “ADHD” Crafter…or that’s what I like to call myself. Unfinished crafts have taken up space in my house. From knitting, to resin projects, handmade soaps/candles, jewelry…all the physical stuff began taking up space. Eventually, I took it to freelance “modeling” which eventually turned into me running a magazine…since things have been slow..I have felt like a failure. I start one thing..and then I get bored, or I am not happy with the outcome and move on.

I recently uncovered a passion for digital art as it has helped me focus and block out the world. Over this past weekend, I noticed a lot of half finished things I was working on for fun as I waited for some commissioned orders to come through.

ADHD/ADD effects our selfesteem and procrastination, but in a way, you have to see it as a blessing. We are trying to uncover ways to better ourselves..and sometimes it wares us out, drains us of our batteries and we procrastinate.

What you can try (that has helped me), is physically writing out all your creative projects out. Having a physical check list and visually seeing your accomplishments as you check them off is a good motivator. Hang in there!!