Reply To: 23 y/o g/son with ADHD, LD,


Heather, John was cat fished awhile back. He would not believe this gorgeous girl who contacted him was not madly in love with him. He got so angry at me, and others in the family that tried to explain the concept to him and how it worked. Finally, after his therapist explained that she had been cat fished did he accept what had happened. To show him how it works I made up a fake Facebook, with a beautiful girls picture that was in an ad, and posted a sweet message. Well, to be honest I had my daughter to do it because I don’t have a clue how cat fishing works. That is why the name you will find me under is Marie Davis. I was able to remove the larger picture , but don’t know how to remove the name. So, if you see the small pix of a beautiful, young girl-it is not me. Ha, ha. If you can see the pix on that site you will see John taking a pix of himself. Have a great day in beautiful So. Cali. Sharon