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LOL Macushla & Tikay

On opening mail…I can walk past the letterbox every day and not think to check it. Then when I do grab all the crap leaflets AND actual mail it moves to the dreaded ‘top draw in the kitchen’ – aka every bit of crap known to god and man drawer (thankfully the rest of my apartment doesn’t end up like that drawer). I Try and get things emailed (he says with 300 unfiled items in my inbox). Theres a concept called “executive function disorder’ that talks about this (not to self the article and the ‘how to’s’ on this).

And Tikay…I like to call what you describe as my ‘Oh look…a bright shiny thing’ disorder/gift/pain in the A (my close friends call me on this from time to time – sweet of them). And yes you may have missed the exercise for today but just reframe it…HELLO you washed linen and put it back on, vacuumed and mopped – this is exercise!!! Tada – gold star to you today!.

Now….where was I again..Oh yeah, thinking about what to cook for dinner.

Have a lovely evening ladies.