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I totally relate to this- and it’s amazing how crap you can feel even when you are doing well the rest of the day. Being able to do it sometimes convinces people you aren’t really trying and/or don’t care.

All the practical suggestions are worth trying. And exaggerating everything is essential too. (If you think you need an extra ten minutes for something give your self an extra twenty) Also, we tend to be wrong about how long things take so instead of planning for how long things should take plan for how long they really do. Try timing yourself to find out how long you take to do things. Be realistic.

Honestly, I haven’t really solved the issue but I am A LOT better than I used to be so don’t give up.

Two more things:
1. I am just learning that people without ADHD find these things really easy. They can just get up and do stuff- no debate inside, no having to make themselves get up etc and they just automatically get their stuff and remember what they need to take- at least compared to the effort it takes us anyway. You tend to judge yourself based on the non ADHD people around but it isn’t fair to you.

2. If there is any possible way to change your environment to suit you better then do it.