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Hi guys,

I’m Mary, 45 from Melbourne. Great idea to start this thread.
I was diagnosed in my late twenties and have been on Ritalin since I was thirty. I have a severe case according to my psych but Ritalin has been fantastic. Growing up undiagnosed creates and exaggerates so many emotional health issues -but from what I’ve read here I was lucky to be diagnosed as early as I was. I had so many problems and by my early twenties I was a junky living on the streets. Going through rehab meant I had to address my issues though and was the beginning of a positive change.

On top of the emotional stuff there are so many things I didn’t learn because my brain just couldn’t. The medication doesn’t make everything better but there are a lot of things I can do that I couldn’t before.
(That took ages to type on my iPad so keeping it brief)