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I used to think, People could read my mind. They would know how bad I felt like just by looking at me.

Come to find out I would act out then people would really know what kind of problems i have.

I decided one day to keep my mouth shut. With my type of personality, I had a hard time not filling in empty spaces, mostly conversation but I decided one day instead of filling in the space I am going to keep quiet. No one would know what I am thinking if I just kept my mouth shut where most people would find it appropriate to do so.

What I found out was how to listen, keep quiet and observe. There was nothing I can do about my past but forgive myself but I am committed to silence when I know I am bored and have nothing to contribute.

If we just start putting one foot in front of the other today, do the next right thing(If you don’t know what that is, ask) we can start completing things one thing at a time. No one needs to know about our past.

This whole pep talk is gonna make people uncomfortable cause you know I am right. But what would you do with yourself if you decided to give up the drama of our ADHD life and try to just not stand out so much
I read through many of these responses including my earlier one just think we need to learn to forgive ourself and move on to our next dilemma.

I share the throne of King of self-sabotage. I need to tell a different story now, I think I am bored of that one.