Reply To: Struggling with unmanaged ADD


few comments from a now retired shrink who hade a focus on adult complications adhd/add. this is gentically transmitted so if children affected at least one parent similarly challenged. comorbid mood, anxiety and ptsd are not uncommon even if do not fully meet presumed criteria for adhe/add. my experience is responses to medication are unpredictable and it frequently takes several months to find and adjust doses. mood disorders are generally bipolar all-tho the upswings can be few and far between and so are overlooked. n o response ot antidepressants is not uncommon unless accompanied by a mood stabilizer. anxiety may respond to antidepressants such as escitalopram but again unpredictable. much better response to benzodiazepines such as alprazolam or clonanzepam altho here see tolerance, dependence and withdrawal issues plus accusations, sometimes unspoken, of being an “addict”. exercise helps and can be lifesaving. cognitive behavioral approaches can reduce anxiety and even something like eye movement “desensitization” sometimes help. anxiety appears driven by memory traces. people with adhd/add have remarkable memories , sort of all-none but also can be quite fragmented and thus losing context. now look for your strengths, creativity and passions. they are there as part of adhd/add and can be your best friend.