Reply To: 23 y/o g/son with ADHD, LD,


I will try to reply once again. The reason I sometimes regret pushing that my grandson get a regular diploma is that I think some of the therapists, counselors, community based support people, etc expect more from him than he is capable of doing right now. He has LD, ADHD, math disorder, hydrocephalus, chromosomal abnormality. He was in a self-contained classroom his Jr. and Sr. yrs. When they gave the tests that indicate what profession a student might be good at, they came back with airline pilot. Just goes to show how inaccurate some tests can be. John has never learned to ride a bicycle, and certainly is unable to drive, but I know there has to be something that is enjoys doing. He loves my 3 y/o great grandson very much, and will sit down and play with him. I would like to give you my email if that would be ok, and would appreciate it if you have ANY suggestions. Thank you so much, Sharon