Reply To: 23 y/o g/son with ADHD, LD,


Thank you so much for your reply. It is such a relief to communicate with someone that can understand my grandson’s challenges. I had not thought about the Petco adoption program. He does love our dogs, and cries when one of our pets gets old and passes. He and I have had so many discussions about something he is interested in doing. He dealt with so much bullying in high school, that I don’t know that further schooling is an option (unless it was online). The reason I feel I may have made a mistake in almost insisting he receive a regular diploma, is that I think it gives counselors, community based workers, etc. the opinion that he is capable or more than he actually is. Sometimes when his therapist is making suggestions on things John should try I almost have asked her if we are speaking about the same young man. I have had numerous discussions with him trying to find something he would be interested in trying-with no luck. His father who lives about 30 min. from us works on movie sets (as Georgia has become a major state for movie making), but I don’t believe they have an apprentice program, and I know this job involves power tools, et. I would like to give you my email address (if that is alright) and ask that if you come up with ANY suggestions that you would feel free to contact me. again, thank you for your reply. Sharon