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Hi Russell,

I miss going skating, but it’s quite a drive to the next rink and my feet are giving me a hard time at the moment, so I’m not sure whether my boots will do them any good. Season usually started in September and it usually took a month for my feet to adjust to my boots. I do have professional boots and blades. I never had lessons, I just love skating, always have.
Preferably with my MP3-player and an empty rink.

Once I went skating in Davos, Switzerland and when I was a teenager my parents drove me to a rink that was outdoors. It had lots of disadvantages – weather wise, either there was water on the ice or it was bl§$§dy cold, it was impossible to skate when it was snowing or raining. Therefore I prefer an indoors rink.

When I hear music I skate in my head – all the time… 😉

Oh and during the last world championships I stayed up half of the night streaming the event…

Better get back to do what I was supposed to be doing, hopefully I can get myself to do some exercises – it’s a struggle at the moment!

Have a nice Saturday Evening,