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Hi Tikay and thanks for sharing what works for you. I’m literally researching Autogenic now.

I agree with the exercise – albeit I’m a bit of a yo-yo with it.

BUT – you had me at Ice Skating. OMG I love ice skating. I did it at High School for sports then continued on after school. I ain’t no Torvil and Dean honey (other than in my head on the rink) but I can do a few tricks (as ya do). I’ve never really considered why I loved it so much at the time…upon reflection, I believe its because of the fresh air sweeping your face, the feeling of gliding, the self expression/dance, a sense of freedom.

Growing up in Newcastle NSW, I remember dreaming about one day skating on an open lake (rather than the aircraft hanger-esque rink adjacent to the train lines). 10 years later I found myself in Switzerland for New Years Eve at this incredible place called Bettmeralp with my then partner (german – see comments re heart shattered at 30 above) – they were all expert skills, I, soooo not. But there was a skating rink, in the open, 2000ft up the side of a mountain. Sony Walkman on, rink to myself, light snow…at one with my skates and mother nature.

In the words of Molly Meldrum….Do yaself a favour.

Have an awesome weekend Tikay.