Reply To: 23 y/o g/son with ADHD, LD,


Hi there,
I am in the same position with my almost 19 yo son. I have prayed, trained and trained my son. Even how to look at all the groceries first as a whole and THEN make decisions on how to bag them, etc. Nothing sticks! He just starts throwing them in the bag willy nilly again the next time.

I have had Josh volunteering at church the last 2 years and at the Petco dog adoption program on sat and Sundays, to introduce him to the work environment. Maybe it has worked some. He was able to go to a pumpkin patch to inquire about a job, {with tons of coaching and role playing]. He was so anxious he forgot about 50% of what we role-played and could only remember about %50 of what they said. Sometimes I feel so panicked for him.

I try to stay VERY patient with lots of praise and all, and then feel so guilty when I can’t take the craziness anymore and lock myself in my room so I don’t yell at him or show my utter frustration. I cry normally at least once a day, to get some relief.

My only other thoughts have been to guide him into his own small business that he can contro.. We’ve talked about dog care/sitting,[ there are apps that can be used like “Rover”, grooming, or a mobile hotdog stand or something where he can get down all aspects of the job and only that. Where the requirements stay the same and he doesn’t have to “think on his feet”

Josh is the same, very loving, thoughtful.

Why do you think pushing your gson to graduate may have backfired?