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just curious did it ever work for you? I disagree. She/he doesn’t need to explain any reasoning nor her diagnoses. The only thing she needs to explain is that her rude coworker is crossing the line and he/she wont accept that anymore.
Thats it. Im not saying pick a fight or be rude back. She/he can only say : You are now crossing a line. or I dont appreciate you to pushing me do something or telling me what to do. and be done with it.
Telling her did ‘I get better at my job’ or ‘thank you for helping me to get better’ is belittling herself and its giving impression you dont know what you are doing hence feeding the fire with logs.
Im pretty sure she has the skills to do that job otherwise she wouldnt be there. I wouldnt be surprised she has better qualifications that the rude coworker and shes doing it so she can rise above her.

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