Reply To: Vyvanse early crash?


I’ve been off everything for almost two weeks now. Stopped cold Turkey. I was annoyed with everyone including my dr. Talking about how these pills are habit forming, the polite way of saying addicting.
The pills allow me to be a normal person. And you have to take them every day, so I guess I was addicted to feeling normal?? Dammed if I do, dammed if I don’t.
Right now I am back to my pre pills self, I am annoying to everyone. I forgot how hyper, fidgety and unfocused I was.
I have another prescription, I’ll get it soon. I don’t like how spaced out I am. But I guess I just wanted to see.
He also said I could put some zoloft on top of the vyvanse for the anxiety I started getting at odd times, sometimes for no reason it seemed. I didn’t get it. Yet