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Hi Julian,

So interesting to read about your path and I identify with some of your experiences.

I’m 69yo, and actively seeking answers, self-understanding, peace, release from suffering etc since the age of 23.

I’ve practised several forms of meditation – Vipassana, TM, Raja Yoga & more – plus other good stuff, as you say, and with the same outcomes that you describe. Lots of great experiences including insights, catharsis.

I spent most of the 80’s immersed in the Breathwork process including training as a Rebirther. Lots of active meditations, vegan food, ‘processing’, trauma release, creativity. It was a challenging, rich and exciting time – I learned so much and still couldn’t integrate and practice on an ongoing basis.

In my mid to late forties mental health became a debilitating issue. Diagnoses included depression, anxiety, bipolar, PTSD and even BPD.

Reading an article on Women & ADHD, less than 2 years ago, was my lightbulb moment. Everything fitted and made sense as nothing else had.

Quite a bit of effort and frustration before I was finally diagnosed and started medication three months ago.

I’m running out of oomph just now, but certainly happy to continue sharing my experiences from that point.

I’ve tried CBT, and DBT, in the past and looking at the schema based CBT after reading your post I can see the potential.

So pleased for you that you’ve come to this point. Your Bali experience sounds fantastic.

Cheers for now, Penny