Reply To: Generic Adderall


Omg! I have been getting some dose changing on my adderall IR went from 30mg in the am to 10mg on. To 20 am 10 noon 10 6pm, yesterday this new doc said he wouldn’t do that and put me on 20mg BID and I go to the pharmacy expecting to get the normal shitty auto undo I’ve got all summer and then my 10mg were teva. Both HORRIBLE freaking sugar pills. Yesterday I was given the white maklincrodt adderall and I must say I’ve heard horrible things but this stuff makes me feel alive again. Wowww don’t knock it til you try it. I’m focused I feel great I’m not laying in bed with brain fog and cloudy head,depression etc. I thought it was just me but no. Give the white ones a shot. Preferably the best ones I’ve eve ever had and I’ve tried EVERY brand but sun pharm, also watch out for IMPAX, the teva 10mg garbage sugar pill, this is an issue