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Hello everyone!

I’m russell, 55 and I live in Brisbane. I was diagnosed with ADHD and Bi-Polar 2 around 3 years ago. More than anything that knowledge allowed me to unpack/repack a lot from my childhood, career and relationships. Still a work in progress. Some of the things I’ve done along the way are …..Meditation (vipassana and TM), nutrition, mindfullness and music therapy and a host of other ‘good stuff’ – which after learning I was still perplexed as to why I didnt call on these tools in my times of need nor was I practising then as often and consistently as I should to create more time spent in inner calm. I struggled with this for some time. It wasnt until I started researching schema based CBT that a light went on! Earlier this year I went to Bali for 8 days for intensive one-on-one CBT sessions (oh yeah…and great food, yoga, meditation) – WOW. when you understand some of your own maladaptive behavious and where they come from … enlightening to say the least it opens you up to you in a new light.

Interested to hear what everyone else has embarked on?

Happy Thursday people!