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Morning, Tikay

Yes, Melbourne ADHD Support group on FB is excellent and I’ve just asked there if they know of any Brisbane groups.
I believe there is a f2f group in Penrith and plan to check it out once we’ve moved and settled in.

My few close friends have always been ‘eccentric’ – now I see that it was probably due to our shared neuro-diversity.

Also I believed that being unable to connect with the mainstream resulted only from a dysfunctional, chaotic & fairly traumatic family life 😂😂. The ADHD connection (myself, 2 siblings & at least one parent), combined with inter-generational trauma and poverty, explains so much.

A few months ago I saw a quote:
“ADHD Runs in Families.
Undiagnosed, It Runs Families “

I love the weirdness, kindness, hilarity, humour, intelligence, intensity and heaps more that comes from our kinky brains!

For now,