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Ok so this is what I got for you. I found out that upping the dose doesn’t really change how long it’s going to last. So in my case 70mg of vyvanse worked great for the 6 hours it worked. Because the way vyvanse metabolizes my Dr. Said 2 vyvance a day isnot is a bad first option. I guess because vyvanse wears off slowly it can linger in the system, yadayada. So she started me on 20mg adderall IR which last about 3-4 hours for me so I can just extend my day as needed. So the first day I took a 20mg adderall as soon I started to crash from the vyvanse and it kept me from falling asleep but didn’t do much else. So my Dr. said try 30mg that and that did work better but still not as well as vyvance worked in the beginning of the day. I don’t want to exceed 30mg without a getting new scrip though because I don’t want to run out before my next appointment but I think 40mg every 3-4 hours as needed (after the vyvanse wears off of course) is about where I need to be. How ever just note that I’m recording my blood pressure throughout the day and writing it in a log book that I show my Dr. I recomend doing this as it shows your Dr. That your being careful and your reaponsible when it comes to your health. And it really helps when you start asking for more meds because it makes you look less like a drug seeker and more like someone puts.their health first. Oh one last thing. When I went to get my scrip the pharmacist told me that she’s starting see allot of adderall being added onto vyvance scrips lately. So we’re not the only ones. Good luck my friend and I hope this is helpful!