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Hi again Tikay,

Nice to hear from you and what your experience of diagnosis & meds has been.

I don’t know anything about terms & conditions – guess I should read them. This is my first ever time posting on here, so I know nothing. Place for pm would be good.

I was SO lucky with my psychiatrist. When we moved to Brisbane, around 2007, I just told GP at the local clinic that I needed a referral to a psychiatrist who bulk billed. He referred me to Dr Brian Ross at MacGregor. I was his patient until moving to SA in early 2017.

Last time I was in Brisbane, March 2018, I made an appointment with him to talk about ADHD. I’d realised I have in but didn’t know what to do next.
When I arrived at Dr’s rooms his admin told me that he no longer bulk bills. Thus, I couldn’t actually afford to even see him. Fortunately I was bulk billed that day, he agreed about ADHD and wrote a letter for me to give to SA psych when I found one.
The story continues from there but I’m sad to say that Dr Ross no longer bulk bills.

I don’t know much about Northern suburbs- we were north end of Gold Coast and my son’s at Cleveland.

Cheers for now, Penny