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Hi Pennyshore,

May I ask which Psych doctor you are seeing in Brisbane (I live north of Brissie)?

Back in Germany one of my sons was diagnosed at the age of 8, he is also Dyslexic. During that time I read a lot of books and went to a lecture and it dawned on me (actually a lot of light-bulbs went on!) that he got it from me…
I went to see a Neurologist/Psychiatrist and had my diagnosis immediately.
Went on meds right away, took them for 11 years.
Unfortunately that brand isn’t available in Australia. It’s a generic Ritalin. Different filler, everything else is the same.
I started with the normal tablets 4x 5mg. Increased to 6x 5 mg. After a couple of years I changed to the slow release tablets – 3x 10 mg, every 6 hours, that covered my whole day until I was asleep. It was important for me to fall asleep while the last pill was still working.
Never had to increase my dose, never developed tolerance.

Since this brand isn’t available here, I dropped my medication but at the moment I am looking into getting back on them.

But bl&%$dy h&%ll is it complicated and expensive!!

In Germany Neurologists, Psychiatrists or any other specialists are covered by public healthcare. I only had to pay a certain amount for the meds (I think it was about 10 € per pack).

I have a letter from my doc with my diagnosis but I wonder whether it’s worth it to have it translated (more cost!). I am scared to go through the whole diagnosis process again. That’s one reason I have been putting it off for so long
(Moved here in 2011.) This and I was doing ok so far. And procrastination… 😉

If you have any questions – fire away!

Quick question – there is no private message function here, is there?

Cheers, Tikay

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