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Hi Tikay.

It’s great to see someone who’s been diagnosed for a while. I had a smile about you taking 6 hours to go out & do the shopping. I spent about that long yesterday procrastinating about going to the bank and literally rushed in with only minutes to spare.

Having only been on medication for 3 months I’m very interested in talking with someone like you, who has had meds for longer. Meds have provided relief (release) from the constant mental intensity and emotional fluctuations. A peace that I’ve sought in many ways and places – analysis, meditation, a decade of alternative lifestyle & healing modalities, and so much more.

The procrastination is still very much here and although I’m working on putting some things in place to help me – alarms etc – even that’s hard for me to do. I’ve just had success in remembering to take medications, 4x a day, using a simple little Australian reminder app called
I’m also pretty dependent on my iPad & my hubby is going to support me in spending three mornings a week without it – hopefully I’ll get a few things done.

I agree that adult ADD/ADHD is under diagnosed and often not known about here. I have friends in Sydney, sisters, who have blindingly obvious hyperactive ADHD and the family doctor told one of them: “No such thing”.
My own attempts to be diagnosed were so frustrating and distressing and that I decided, in desperation, to travel from KI in South. Aus. to see my old psych doctor in Brisbane. Luckily he’s able to do Skype & phone consults and I still had an ongoing referral. I’ll see him in person when we come up there for Chr.