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Hi Macushla. So good to know there are others in similar circumstances, makes the isolation more bearable. I’m 69yo and was diagnosed and started medication this year.
Although I can see that I had ADD for most of my life I really started going ‘downhill’ in my mid forties. I was diagnosed with the usual things – depression, anxiety, bipolar… and medications did not help much. I started researching ADHD a couple of years ago and presto, it fitted me like a glove, including the fact that as estrogen decreases ADD symptoms become stronger.

The hereditary nature of this condition amazes me. The first description of more ‘female’ symptoms was like a textbook description of………not me, but my sister! One brother has the hyperactive aspect and my late mother’s condition had symptoms pretty much identical to mine.
I can see it clearly in my younger son ( who I originally thought might be on the on the autism spectrum) and in two of his daughters, who are currently being tested. My high-performing 24yo grandson has independently obtained diagnosis for himself (inattentive) without knowing about the family history.

Diagnosis and medication were difficult for me as I’ve been living in an isolated area of SA. Eventually done via Skype and phone consults with my former doctor, in Brisbane. Moving to NSW at the end of the year and I’m looking forward to easier access to health and support services.

I’m happy to keep chatting and sharing our ADHD/ADD experiences.