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Thanks everyone for all the comments and advice its very much appreciated. I have tried all the above mentioned things and many more. To give some context I have had severe ADHD all my life and on top of that I went through an entire childhood of abuse. I have been in therapy regularly for 17 years now and have learned CBT skills over and over amongst many other skills. Dr’s have always tried to treat the abuse side instead of the ADHD side thinking that the anxiety, depression, trauma, etc…, could be treated with anti-depressants and all sorts of other related medications. None of those medications have ever worked and have only resulted in more negative results. Being tried on ADHD medications in the past year has been nothing short of amazing.

To update:

I was able to get rid of Trazodone all together after a couple weeks of withdrawal like symptoms. I feel much better now. So after getting rid of the Trazodone we tried a second dose of Vyvanse at varying dosages and then tried Dexedrine at varying dosages. I was able to sleep but sleep felt on the lite side. So now been taking Clonidine which is great it works really well I fall asleep quickly and easily and sleep soundly, I feel good in the morning all energetic and good mood and no side effects. Only issue with Clonidine is it just doesn’t last past 4:00am which I then feel the lack of sleep later in the day. Its the short acting version because I live in Canada so no extended release version here unless someone knows of something else? I heard of Intuniv but after speaking with the Pharmacists comparing Clonidine and Intuniv they said Clonidine is much more sedating.

So I take Clonidine 0.3mg once a day at bedtime and it works great but only lasts until 4:00am and then I’m wide awake, energetic, and ready to go. Would increasing the Clonidine dosage make the sedation effect last longer? Anyone who takes Clonidine short acting version what dosage gets you through the night? Has anyone found Intuniv to work better for sleep?

Thanks everyone for all the help. I was getting so frustrated but now feel back on track just need to fix up my sleep a little more to get a full night.