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The only thing that really seems to (sometimes) works for me is sticking to itty bitty tiny goals at first.
I am a writer so when I am not feeling like writing or self sabotaging myself—- I set a goal to write for 10 minutes. That’s it. And if I achieve that goal I celebrate!!
Most times when my timer goes off at the end of 10 minutes, I keep writing for longer. But if I quit after 10 minutes I still celebrate. I try not to beat myself up about it so much too and I tell myself that the reason I am feeling so much resistance is because I am on the right track (it wouldn’t be so scary or I wouldn’t be so fearful if this wasn’t moving me towards changing for the better!) and therefore I must push through the emotions and the fear.
It’s very difficult and I fail often.
Recently, I am trying to notice my mind starting to self sabotage so I can reason it out and change my actions.
Best of luck to all!! Thank you for speaking up!
I hate to see so many people struggle with this too, but it feels good to know I am not a freak of nature, just human & trying to do better!