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Hi there, I am a 37yo woman who has only been diagnosed for 2 years. In Australia I am unable to get my vysense prescription in the way that suits me best, although for the first 12 months it was fine, someone in the regulatory organisation decided I was not allowed to have 2x 30mg per day. So now I have to have 79mg tablets split into water and then I drink 1/2 with my breakfast and half at about 3pm. I personally find it helps me sleep when I go to bed while my vysense is still active. My insomnia is completely gone since being on vysense except for the nights when I stay up after my meds wear off….. then it’s back to slumping with exhaustion after hours of looping or playing wack-a-mole with my disobedient brain and only having a couple of hours sleep that night. If like me you can nap during the day while your vysense is active I’d strongly recommend trying a split dose. You may not even need as much in the second dose as by the time it “wears off” there is still up to half of the dose in your system from what the dr explained to me. Anyway I just thought I’d let you know you aren’t alone. Oh and I’m a Greek in that I use my phone aka silly repetitive games + sleepy music to trick my brain into shutting up. (I find that it tends to occupy it enough to stop me from actually thinking) 💜 The Binary Brain who’s also a Heart OXOXOX